How To Order – Update!

Please fill out the Order Form provided below OR email me at and include in the email your order, quantity ordering & day you wish to pickup. Please Venmo me @juliegilbert1 to pay.
Thank you for your support! XO Julie

July 27 Week!

Many of you have asked for my list of special orders that I am currently doing. Look for that on my website soon! I have just hired an assistant and web designer this past week. All orders and payment will be taken online soon! Hopefully today or tomorrow. If you do not see that when you visit my website today, go ahead and order by email. In order to set up my website and prepare for a new launch I will not be taking any more special orders this week. I will of course honor those of you who have booked. Chicken Salad available Tuesday- Friday!
Thank you for your patience as I grow.
Keep checking back in to website for new and great things!

Kitchen Closed!

Kitchen Closed! 80 pounds of Homemade Lemon Ginger Chicken Salad out the door! After all additional orders have been fulfilled I have(2) two pound containers of freshly made chicken salad at $22.00 each for the 2 pounds and 2 one pound containers at $11.00 each. Up for grabs. Text me at 919-649-7430. PIck up today between 3 and 5pm.


This week’s Curbside Pickup Menu ~ Lemon Ginger Chicken Salad

Place your order today to guarantee a meal and
curbside day pickup choice!
May 12th and 13th
Lemon Ginger Chicken Salad
I have made hundred of pounds of my fresh and light
Lemon Ginger Chicken Salad
in the 30 years I have been in the culinary industry
Perfect for the warmer weather for dinner or lunch.
Pickup days are May 12 and 13 (Tuesday and Wednesday)
$10.95 per pound
2 lbs. fills a packed quart container
1 pound minimum
May 19th and 20th
Gruyere Cheese Quiche
with or without bacon
25.00 without bacon
28.00 with bacon
Pickup May 19th or 20th
Please specify which day you would like to pickup.
I will do my best to give you your first choice; however, pickup scheduling will be based on first come come served. I will confirm your request. In some cases all slots may be full for the day you request.
Thank you for your support! XO Julie
Contact Julie at jacgilbert@me. com or text 919-649-7430 to order
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