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In these difficult economic times, we see families cutting back everywhere they can. They are planting gardens, making fewer and smarter choices at the grocery store, eating out less and cooking in more.

One of the positive outcomes of the recession is the need for families to spend less money eating out and more time time at home, preparing meals form scratch. This can serve as a valuable social connector for teens and their families and for teens with other teens. Get away from the social networking traps for an hour or two and cook dinner with your kids!
It is an activity far more delicious and educational than surfing the net.

If teens/families started cooking together, and then eating together, there’s a good chance they would eat better while also learning about health and nutrition.

Nutrition and public policy expert, Dr. Marion Nestle,says,”I’ve long argued that the best way to get people to eat more healthfully is to teach kids to cook.”

Teens and tweens are fascinated with food programs on television. Clearly there is an interest in becoming food savvy. However,they lack the skills and information necessary to create a healthy and tasty meal.

Empower you kids! Give them the gift of cooking! Sign them up for a class today!

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